Our Academy is a place where all are valued as individuals, celebrating uniqueness and diversity and where every person feels safe, respected and supported.

We want every child to achieve the highest possible educational standards and to make good progress in relation to their prior attainment.

We acknowledge every child as unique with special talents, gifts and needs and with potential that needs developing, intellectually, emotionally, physically, socially, morally and spiritually.

We favour a broad, balanced and creative curriculum, which is relevant to and extends our children’s experiences. We strive to ensure every child has access to a high quality all round curriculum, but also has access to opportunities which enables them to excel in a particular area. This is built upon the beliefs that every child matters and every child is gifted and talented. We believe that success in one particular area helps develop a child’s self esteem and raises their achievement overall.


How we teach reading

At Pathways Academy we want all children to develop a love of and enjoyment of reading. We aim to give children experience of a wide range of quality books which inspire and enthuse.

We want all children to reach their reading potential, developing key skiils in decoding text and understanding books and stories.

Phase 3 introduces the rest of the individual letter sounds and diagraphs. Children will continue blending and segmenting and further tricky words are taught. Children will also learn the letters of the alphabet during this phase.

Phase 4 helps build on the previous understanding of blending and segmenting and children gain experience of using words that have adjacent consonants such as trap, milk. No new sounds are taught.

Phase 5 introduces alternative graphemes for phonemes e.g. children will know /ai/ as in rain from phase 3 but they will learn that /ay/ as in day and /a_e/ as in make also make the /ai/ sound. They will also learn alternative pronunciations for graphemes e.g. ea – tea, head, break. Phase 6 allows children to become fluent readers and accurate spellers.


Guided Reading

Children are taught to read during daily Guided Reading sessions in every class. Each day the class teacher leads a Guided Reading session with a group and uses this time to teach reading strategies or develop comprehension skills.
Guided Reading sessions should last around 20 minutes and the teacher should plan a clear lesson for each group in the class (typically there will be 5 groups).


Reading Strategies

There are a range of reading strategies that are formally taught in years Reception (FS2) to Year 2.

These are:
1. Blending to read
2. Using picture clues
3. Chunking
4. Missing out the word
5. Reading on and rereading
6. Checking for sense, and using letter names as well as letter sounds

Teachers in Key Stage 2 use these strategies to consolidate previous learning.

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