Welcome to Pathways Primary Academy. Our school website is designed to provide you with as much useful information as we possibly can to help prepare both you and your child for life at Pathways.

The information is factual and based partly on what we think you need to know about our school and partly on what you really need to know (based on the kinds of questions that many parents have asked us over the years.) We want you to have as much information as possible about our school and what you and your child can expect from your time with us.

When your child arrives at our school we know that they bring with them a range and wealth of experience and skills which we will, in partnership with you, build upon and develop.  At Pathways we offer a welcoming, calm, caring and secure environment, which will stimulate and support your child in the learning process.  At Pathways every child is valued, respected and given the opportunity to experience success in order to develop feelings of worth and a positive self-image.

By the time your children leaves our school we aim to have broadened their horizons, developed their all-round potential and given them the view that education is an enriching, enjoyable and above all fun experience.

We know that educating your child is a task shared jointly by home and school and children benefit most when we work closely together. There will be many opportunities for you to be involved in the life of the school, both formally and informally through such things as parents meetings, assemblies, performances, productions and themed weeks

We look forward to welcoming your child into our school community and look forward to working with you over the coming terms.

Nigel Fowler

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