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The E-ACT Pathways Academy family:

At E-ACT Pathways we work together and achieve as a team. Trauma- informed and research- led, we support each other holistically in a safe, stable and stimulating environment. We are committed to offering our children the best possible access to academic and extra- curricular opportunities.  

Academy Values 

To be part of the Pathways team we must show: 


– we act in a way that shows a pride in ourselves, others and our surroundings 


– we are active, resilient learners and challenge ourselves 


– we endeavour to provide a broad range of experiences to inspire 


– we see and celebrate our own successes and those of others  

 Through our curriculum and culture, we aim to develop respect, resourcefulness, resilience and reciprocity as desirable learning behaviours for all our children. These will be celebrated each week during our celebration assembly.  

Equality Objectives Statement

We have places available at our Nursery

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Academy Day and Attendance