Academies have a wide range of policies and procedures that have been derived following guidance from the Department for Education. They are reviewed on a regular basis by E-ACT and are approved by the board of trustees.

For all Covid-19 policy addenda, please click here.

Our policies are listed below.

Behaviour Policy

Capability Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy

Code of Conduct – Under Review

Complaints Policy

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy

Disciplinary Policy & Procedure

Equal Opportunities Policy – Under Review

Equality & Diversity Policy

Grievance Policy & Procedure

Health and Safety Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

Relationships Education – Primary

SEND and Learning Policy

Supporting Students with Medical Needs Policy

Teacher Pay Policy – Under Review

Whistleblowing Policy

Trust-wide policies

For other Trust-wide E-ACT policies please refer to the main E-ACT Policy page which can be found at:








All trust-wide policies followed by our academy can be found on the trust website by clicking her

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