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At Pathways we aim to expose our children to enriching activities to equip them with the knowledge and skills required to succeed in the world of work. 

Through our curriculum offer we aim to embed these skills through a variety of different experiences. 


Within our Jigsaw units there is a focus on the financial aspects of life and becoming an economic citizen. Embedded in this unit there is a clear focus for learning about financial capability and economic well-being. Through the unit ‘Dreams and Goals’ we emphasise the importance of having clear aspirations and creating an awareness that goals can be achieved through determination. 


At Pathways, through our maths curriculum, we link our teaching to the wider world and teach children the value of applying maths skills to everyday life. For example, estimating, percentages and being able to tell time and read timetables, all of which are valuable life skills.  

Science and the arts 

Embedded in our knowledge rich curriculum, we make valuable links identifying the role these subjects have in relation to different careers and the necessary skills needed to achieve success in the wider world. 

Careers and aspirations. 

Through firsthand experience we hold a weekly careers week where we have had nurses/doctors, sports coaches, entrepreneurs and local community business owners to talk about their role and journey into the world of work. Children are encouraged to dress up as their future career.  


Year 6 take part in an enterprise week in the summer term where they learn the important skills such as working in a team, planning an idea and working to a budget. 

We have places available at our Nursery

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