Throughout this scheme of work, we intend to provide a holistic and creative computing curriculum, which promotes computational thinking and inspires children to be creative. It is designed so that each year builds on the knowledge and skills practiced in the previous one. The curriculum has been split into three parts, to correspond with the school terms: Autumn covers Digital Literacy; this details internet safety, as well as how technology can be used safely and responsibly. The Spring term covers Information Technology; this details the use of computers to create and alter media and information. Here they will create videos, comic strips, music spreadsheets and posters. Summer Term focuses on Computer Science; this will focus on algorithms and debugging in a child friendly and practical way. This section will also look at the uses of the internet and how networks are important in the world we live in today. Throughout all the strands, children will be taught how to stay safe when using electronic devices, as well as internet etiquette. They will learn how to evaluate content they find on the internet and appreciate how search engines rank their results. By teaching these units, we hope to create well-rounded children that are conscientious digital citizens.  

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