Our approach to teaching phonics 

 Our aim is that all children become fluent readers as soon as possible after they join us in reception. Ways in which we do this include;  

  • Direct, focused phonics is taught every day in Reception and key stage 1. 
  • We follow the Read, Write Inc programme to ensure that our phonics system is well-organised 
  • Children read from books with the sounds they know, while they are learning to read. 
  • Teachers are ambitious in their expectations of the sounds and words children should be able to read by the end of each term. 
  • Teachers and teaching assistants provide extra practice daily for the children who make the slowest progress (the lowest 20%). 
  • All staff are well trained in delivering phonics, systems are in place to ensure that delivery is effective and assessments are robust and reliable. 
  • We ensure that all pupils read 1:1 with an adult regularly – both at home and in school.
  • Teachers instill in children a love of literature: reading the best stories and poems.

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