The history curriculum is intended, in key Stage 1, to enable children to acquire an understanding of time and of events and people in their and their parents’ living memory. It is designed chronologically in reverse. Young children have very little concept of time, so we have devised a curriculum which starts at events in their own personal history and then moves back in decades to their parents’ and grandparents’ histories. In key stage 1, the aim is for pupils to handle artefacts, listen to first-hand evidence and testimony and to watch video clips to gather information together about the past. 

In Key Stage 2, the intent is to follow topics in chronological order so that they can develop a sense of time and how civilizations were inter-connected. The curriculum builds pupils’ understanding of time, chronology, how people lived. Historical skills and concepts build progressively across the key stage. We will follow part of the national curriculum but will go past the reign of Edward the Confessor to modern Britain.  

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