Welcome to our Curriculum page.  Here you will find up to date information of the curriculum at Pathways Primary.

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Curriculum Policy



Curriculum Long Term Plans:

Curriculum Map –  EYFS & KS1

Curriculum Map – KS2 Years 3-4

Curriculum Map – KS2 Years 5-6

The Foundation Stage Curriculum

The Curriculum in the Foundation Stage is based upon the Early Learning Goals.

Each day in the Academy there is dedicated time to address the children’s learning in reading, writing, speaking and listening. There are daily Phonics and guided reading sessions as we believe reading and writing are vital aspect of children’s learning. VCOP work, which focuses on the teaching of skills linked to using Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation is now an important element of our teaching of Writing.

EYFS Curriculum


English is also taught across the Curriculum. We aim to develop children’s communication skills through speech and writing. We encourage children to apply their learning in English to other subject areas. We believe that children should be given opportunities to read for pleasure as well as information and our aim is to provide interesting books for all to read.

English Curriculum Overview


Our vision is for the children to become fluent, frequent and lifelong readers. Competence in reading is the key to independent learning and has a direct effect on progress in all other areas of the curriculum. We want our children to be ‘readers’, not just children who can read.

Our Reading Strategy


We aim to make Mathematics exciting and relevant to real life. We provide increasing challenge and encourage children to solve problems and develop thinking skills.

Maths Curriculum

Y1-Y6 Maths Road maps

Autumn Term Knowledge organisers

Spring Term Knowledge organisers

Summer Term Knowledge organisers


Religious Education and Assemblies

Religious Education is offered to all pupils according to the Sheffield Agreed Syllabus. RE is taught as a separate subject. We also hold daily non-denominational assemblies which include an act of collective worship. Through RE and assemblies, we aim to prepare our children for their place in a diverse society and children are encouraged to express their own ideas and beliefs and to develop attitudes of tolerance, understanding and sensitivity towards those of others. The RE syllabus, assemblies and collective worship are non- denominational.

Policies and schemes of work may be viewed at the Academy on request.

Parents may wish to withdraw their child from all or part of RE and collective worship. If this is the case please discuss the matter with the Headteacher.

Relationships, health and sex education

At Pathways Academy our whole curriculum intent is encapsulated in the 4 Pathways Pillars with rich knowledge and vocabulary being a key driver.

From Nursery to Year 6 we use the Jigsaw program to deliver our Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) and Relationships and Sex Education (SRE) lessons. From September 2020 we are required to teach relationships and Health education.

The curriculum coverage is shown in the  Jigsaw overview 

Pathways has chosen to deliver sex education from Year 4 to Year 6 as part of the PSHE curriculum. Therefore once parents have been informed of the content they can choose to remove their child from these lessons.

The Academy has a policy for Relationships Education which can be found here: Relationships Education (Primary) Policy – Final – Spring 2021

Appropriate aspects of these subjects are covered throughout the Academy. We aim to work with families to keep children safe and give them accurate knowledge. We will provide accurate information at the right age and stage of development.

A parent information leaflet is also available: SRE Parent leaflet May 2021

To find out more about our curriculum please contact Elizabeth.Long@path.E-ACT.org.uk









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