We are fortunate to have two Lead Pastoral Practitioners at Pathways – Jane Brailsford and Zarda Fazil and one Pastoral Practitioner – Karen Young . Their role is to work closely with families to build good communication between home and the Academy. They play a prominent part in supporting and developing a culture of positive behaviour.

Supportive Curriculum

The Supportive Curriculum is a bespoke package of support delivered to children in the academy. The aim is to develop children’s social and emotional wellbeing by them accessing the following interventions.

  • Time to talk – A programme to develop oral and social interaction skills by developing the following Listening, increasing understanding and use of concepts and vocabulary, conversational skills – eye contact – taking turns – sharing – asking /answering questions attention and memory, making and keeping friends awareness of the needs and feelings of others.
  • Positive People – A program to promote a positive self-image, to enable children to develop effective social skills, healthy relationships and greater confidence and motivation to tackle the challenges of life.
  • Powerplay – An adult directed structured play group that incorporates playful, cooperative, and nurturing activities that enhance the emotional wellbeing of children
  • Keep Cool – A programme to support young people to manage their emotions successfully
  • 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring – Weekly sessions to support young people to recognise their strengths and how to achieve goals for the future.
  • Daily Support – Jane and Zarda are available from 8:00am all throughout the day to support children who have concerns or worries. During playtime and lunchtime children can spend time with them as part of a package of support or just to drop in for a chat.

Oscar, our Academy Dog

Oscar comes into school most days and is very popular with the children. They love spending time with him and he is amazing with children who are having a particularly difficult day.

Family Support

Jane, Zarda and Karen are very experienced in supporting families who have issues at home. They can offer a broad range of advice and are available anytime.

Pathways PRIDE

Pathways Academy aims to ensure that all children develop as learners. This development should be at the heart of everything we do, because effective learners have attitudes, dispositions and behaviours which lead to strong progress and the attainment of high standards in their work. These attitudes, dispositions and behaviours are essential components for learning throughout life.

At Pathways, we have developed the PRIDE approach to support this development.

Within this approach, we have developed 5 key themes:

  • Patience – this shows in keeping going, learning even when it is hard, managing your feelings about learning and the people who learn with you.
  • Respect – this shows in the positive way you work with others, respond to rules, and respect
    yourself so that learning can be great for all.
  • Interdependence – this is about learning with and from others, learning in different ways, being flexible, and applying what you have learned.
  • Determination – this shows in your motivation, curiosity, the belief that you can achieve and that you deserve to be successful.
  • Engagement – this shows in your self-awareness, taking ownership in learning, taking responsibility for learning, reflecting, improving and practising

Our pupils receive PRIDE points for showing positive PRIDE behaviours. These PRIDE points will take the form of pebbles which will be put into a jar at the front of the classroom so that children can see how many points their class has over the week. As children will be working predominantly in teams, these PRIDE points should be awarded to teams.

If the PRIDE points are awarded to teams, then children within teams will naturally support one another. As the team points go towards the total class points, then each team within a class will naturally support the other teams. As well as this PRIDE points system, all children will work on specific aspects of the attitudes, dispositions and behaviours which are linked to the PRIDE Badge system.

There are different PRIDE Badges which are awarded for different levels of behaviour. All children begin with a Green Badge. This badge is a starter badge, which shows that all children are part of the Pathways Learning Community. As children demonstrate improving attitudes, dispositions and behaviours, they can be awarded the following badges: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond.

Each half term, children will engage in a supported self-review, where they will look at the attitudes, dispositions and behaviours required, beginning with Bronze badge criteria in term 1. If the child has met all of the criteria, they can be put forward by their teacher for a badge. Only one badge level can be awarded each term. The child will then present evidence to support their application for a badge to our Behaviour Support Worker. If successful, the child will be awarded a badge in the Badge Assembly which will take place half termly.

All children are expected to wear their badges all of the time. If children have not met the criteria for a particular badge level, the criteria which have not been achieved become their targets for the half term. If a child achieves the criteria for a particular badge, then their targets become the criteria for the next badge level.

As part of the PRIDE Badge assembly, there will also be a draw to choose children to go on the Always Trip. 15 children will be chosen from across the academy. If a child has been awarded a bronze badge, their name gets put into the draw once; if they have achieved silver their name gets put into the draw twice; three times for gold; four times for platinum; 5 times for silver – the higher the badge, the more chance there is to be chosen for the Always Trip.

Qualified First Aiders


Qualified First Aid Trained Staff

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